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A quick guide to Bitcoin swaps and how L2s are making Bitcoin transactions faster and cheaper.
Liquidity providers are important market participants in the DeFi ecosystem. LNSwap lays out everything you need to know about becoming an LP.
It doesn’t matter if it’s baseball cards, electronics, or money, if you’ve ever traded directly with another person, you’ve completed a peer-to-peer (P2P) swap. In a P2P system, you aren’t required to trust third parties in order to process transactions, as they are conducted directly between individuals. This concept is playing an important role in cryptocurrencies where P2P token swaps are removing the need for financial institutions and centralized exchanges (CEX) to act as intermediaries. Instead, this decentralized approach makes P2P swaps directly from a bitcoin wallet efficient and trustless. 
Blockchain networks don’t communicate well with one another. This model siloes digital assets and can make it difficult to conduct decentralized trading across networks. Fortunately, atomic swaps and submarine swaps are two methods of crypto trading that allow for trades across blockchains and their layers. 

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LNSwap is a non custodian crypto currency swap protocol that provides a fast, private way of swapping Bitcoin for Stacks and vice versa.