Welcome to the New LNSwap Website
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Welcome to the New LNSwap Website

New year, new website, but the same dedication to building security and trust.

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Written by: LNSwap team

Posted on: Apr 20, 2023

Updated on: Apr 20, 2023

LNSwap Has a New Website

New year, new website, but the same dedication to building security and trust. Our goal at LNSwap has always been to provide rapid and seamless swaps between Bitcoin and Stacks digital assets. We have also always stood by our mission to give users direct control over their funds and complete privacy.

In the past year, headline after headline showed us something big: that it is time to rethink the existing financial infrastructure around crypto. 

Most importantly, it is time to reinvigorate discussions around trustless and decentralized technologies, as these discussions will be key to reshaping what exists for a more secure and stable future. 

The launch of our new LNSwap site is the first step we’re taking this year to drive those conversations. 

This is where we’ll showcase the latest developments on LNSwap, not just so you can see what our teams have been working on, but also so you can see how our builders are constructing a truly trustless future.

This is also where you’ll learn about emerging financial developments in crypto, not just so you can stay informed, but so that you, too, can decide how you want to utilize these tools to participate in this trustless future that we are working towards.

But most of all, we also want you to, through our work, comprehend the potential that comes with building on Bitcoin.

A truly decentralized, trustless future is within our grasp, and we want to use this site to take you with us on the journey towards it.

And with that, enjoy.

LNSwap is a product of Trust Machines.

Start swapping Bitcoin for Stacks

LNSwap is a non custodian crypto currency swap protocol that provides a fast, private way of swapping Bitcoin for Stacks and vice versa.

Table of contents